'How I Met Your Mother' star and fan favorite Neil Patrick Harris was kind enough to introduce the next performance of the night at the 2013 Grammys, and it came in the form of fun.

In a nice change of pace from the already high-energy event that is the Grammys, fun. graced the stage to perform their third single 'Carry On.' The song, which certainly deserves more and more radio play, begins like a soft piano ballad Billy Joel would somehow produce, but then picks up in the second verse, which we love.

Complete with their signature drum sound, lead singer Nate Ruess looked in his element; his vocals were spot on -- so much so that the strength and tone didn't change much from the recorded version found on the band's album 'Some Nights.'

But perhaps the most exciting thing to happen during the band's performance was the staged rain that accompanied them on stage. Ignited during the climax of the song, the water didn't appear as just a backdrop for fun., but rather, literally fell on them, leaving each member soaked in water.

What could they do but carry on?

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