It's easy to say quit while you're ahead while placing bets but how many people are actually able to do it?  But when you are winning, it's easy to convince yourself that you can't lose.  You keep going and before you know it, you are down and then the mindset changes to you have to get back what you lost.  Why is gambling on my mind today?  I stumbled upon the findings of a WalletHub study, of the most gambling-addicted states.

No drumroll needed here.  The most gambling-addicted state according to WalletHub is Nevada.  I'm sure if a question on Family Feud read "What state comes to mind when you think of gambling?" I am extremely confident the survey says Nevada.   The beginning of this movie was dull and the ending isn't any more exciting. The fewest gambling addicts can be found in the state of Utah which is not a gambling friendly state.  This is no surprise as Mormons account for a large chunk of the Beehive State population and in Mormon theology, gambling is a strict no-no.

Where does this leave our state?  WalletHub says New York State is the 36th most gambling-addicted state.  Not bad.  I thought the Empire State would be higher.  Do you gamble?  Turning Stone Resort Casino in Oneida opened in 1993 and I turned 18 in 1994. I made many of trips while I was 18 because it was exciting.  I was able to keep it under control as I absolutely hated losing.  I would bring maybe 40 dollars and if I got up ten or twenty I had the ability to say I am good and walk away.  That was the young me.  The current me has to many bills to even part with an Andrew Jackson.

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