Donuts are the perfect morning treat (or anytime, actually).  They are delicious, they can be fun considering all of the creative fillings and toppings you can choose from.  And they are inexpensive enough so you can grab a dozen, bring them into work or the office, and immediately become the king or queen for the day.

June 1 is National Donut Day and it begins a monthlong celebration of the donut, doughnut, kruller, or whatever you choose to call it.  What is your favorite?  Cinnamon?  White powdered?  Maple bacon?  Chocolate covered? Glazed?  I think most donut polls will in fact show that the top choice of donut style is the simple glazed donut.  These can be traced as far back as Merry Olde Elizabethan England.

To celebrate National Donut Day we have chosen a dozen great little bakeries (and one adorable donut food truck) to represent all of the donut makers spread across Upstate New York.  As you can see, the accompanying photographs for each are gorgeous.

As for my favorite?  It has to be a small donut shop in Oswego, NY.  Take a look at it in this gallery.  They feature something called the Banana Split Donut.  And, yup, it is all there.  Whipped cream, cherry, pineapple, and more all piled on top of a delicious fresh-baked chocolate covered donut.  Outstanding!

And, before you start hollering about "where is my favorite donut shop?" we remind you that there are hundreds of places to get a warm donut in New York.  So, if you do not see your favorite donut destination on this list we encourage you to go over to our Facebook page and give it a shout out!

Hooray, National Donut Day is Here at These 12 Top Upstate New York Bakeries!

June 1 is the day we celebrate "National Donut Day" across the country. Some of us (this writer included) celebrate this event every day. Who doesn't like a fresh, hot donut? There are literally hundreds of places across the Empire State that make homemade donuts. To celebrate this day, we selected a dozen fine donut shops across Upstate to represent all of the others doing good "donut duty" day in and day out!

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