Frenemies once more. We love to see it. Katy Perry confirmed that she will release her fifth studio album before the year ends! KP5 as the Katy Kats are looking forward to. And Taylor Swift could be on it.

Katy went on Facebook live and told her fans: "I'm going to put out a record this year, quarantined or not, because we ain't gonna let no coronavirus stop us from dancing, even if we're dancing in our homes." Yes sis!

And before the album, we're getting a new single too. This Friday! "Daisies," will be out for new music Friday this week.

And now that Taylor Swift posted a pic of herself wearing a sweater with flowers on it after her once-enemy and now friend Katy's announcement, stans are assuming and hoping that this means the two are collabing on the song.

Katy seems to corroborate it by referencing Tay's album 1989 by writing, "We can't wait to play this like 1,989 times in a row."

Def a collab. Has to be. I'm cosigning on it. Daisies will be out Friday and 100% has to be featuring Tay! Let's go.

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