Not all couples are spending their quarantine time together, and some have actually opted to spend them completely separate.

But for the couples who realized during the pandemic, that they just aren't compatible, but you're worried about how you'll break up with someone virtually, Elite Daily has some tips on how to do it more gently using Zoom.

  1. Have a plan. Think about the time and place you plan to deliver the bad news, like waiting until after they are off work. Also, lead the conversation, so they don't have to try and pry it out of you. If it will help, actually write down what you plan to say so you get it right.

  2. Eliminate distractions. Be respectful during this tough moment, and give them your undivided attention. For example, shut off notifications and alerts. Turn off the TV and music, and be entirely present.

  3. Keep things informal. Try to keep the conversation, well, conversational and normal, not forced. There's no need for the "we need to talk" text, simply initiate the breakup during your regular call.

  4. Get to the point. Maybe don't blurt it out with your first words, but at the same time there's no reason to drag it out. And don't get wishy washy, have conviction about your decision without being cold.

  5. Acknowledge that the circumstances aren’t ideal. Call attention to how awkward these meetings can be, and explain why breaking up is probably best at this time. Tell them that in normal circumstances you would done them the courtesy of breaking up in person out of respect.

So.. make bullet point notes of what you want to say. Zoom it up and be direct, but let them know you think it's awkward, too?! Got it.

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