Let's hope Mariah's Cookies are better than "Glitter."

That's right. The same Marian Carey that is known for her amazing vocal range and a long list of huge pop hits now has her own line of cookies. And I guess it makes complete sense that the singer of arguably the biggest Christmas song of all time is now in the cookie business!

If cookies are your "Endless Love," there are now two ghost kitchens (You could even call them "Dreamlover" bakeries) in the Capital Region baking Mariah's "Fantasy" cookie recipes. One is Nanola on Route 9 in Ballston Spa and the other is Buca Di Beppo on Wolf Road in Colonie. Now this part may tug on your "Emotions" a little bit, but as these are ghost kitchens you won't be able to walk in to these locations to buy these sweet treats. But if you place an order online, each location has someone that will say "I'll Be There" in no time on your doorstep with delivery when you place your order.

The Mariah's Cookie menu features several varieties of gourmet cookies including chocholate chunk, Heath Bar, spiced oatmeal, gingerbread, pumpkin and more. All of these varietes seem sweeter than "Honey!" You can order single flavors, variety packs and more. Looking at the photos on the website, the cookies look super tasty!

Mariah joins several other celebs who are now running ghost kitchens in the Capital Region including Chef Guy Fieri and Pauly D from the MTV show Jersey Shore. This has really become a trend of late with many celebs attaching their names to menus that are produced out of existing kitchens.

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