I have to admit that I am still hungover.  No, not from alcohol.  An NFL Draft hangover.  As I told you last week, I spent countless non-work hours scouring possible draft picks for the NFL team I cheer for.  I had four full pages of football players that may be the next Seattle Seahawk.  All those possibilities have turned into three actual players and 12 undrafted free agents signed the last night of the NFL Draft.

Bills, Jets and Giants fans please give me five minutes to chat about the new Seahawks.  Actually I need three minutes, one for each pick.  The hope was that the Seahawks would have more than three selections and at one point they had four but then traded up so it went back to a measly three.  The good news is that Seattle did not trade any more 2022 picks.

I had to wait to pick 56, the Seahawks stayed and selected a speedy wide receiver from Wester Michigan, D'Wayne Eskridge.  The Broncos program has produced NFL standout wideouts in Greg Jennings and Corey Davis but this is the first time the Seahawks selected a Western Michigan alum.  The Seahawks then moved down and chose Oklahoma CB Tre Brown.  The first time Seattle has drafted a Sooner since the infamous Brian Bosworth. Hopefully Brown is another Day 3 cornerback selection that turns into a superstar like Richard Sherman(pictured above).  Seattle then moved up to grab hopefully their left offensive tackle of the future in Stone Forsythe from the University of Florida.  Hopefully the 2021 Seahawks draft matches up with the Malanoski Mantra:  It's not quantity, it's quality.

What do I do with my time now that I set aside for my draft prep.  Spend more time with my girlfriend? Nah.  The NFL schedule is released May 12th so that is the next buffer before the season starts in September.  Until then I will continue to look for highlights of undrafted free agent Pier-Olivier Lestage who last played for  the Université de Montréal.


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